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We’ve been here on the ground doing designequity™ work for the people we give a fuck about and we’re not going anywhere, period.

We’re on the ground but reaching for the sky. We’ve expanded our services to grow our  designequity™  reach and better serve our partners through interior design, procurement, graphic designs, and workshop services, you feel us?

We provide audacious and eye catching  interior design, complimentary services that matter. DBD is  focused on affordable housing, supportive housing, hospitality, and small business in underutilized retail corridors.

But we don’t want to count anyone out, so just get at us.

You don’t have to have a deep funds to care. We lead with price-conscious decision making that allows for award worthy design at any budget.

We challenge ourselves to be a partner who exceeds expectations and status quo so designequity™ remains a space where DBD gives the most fucks.

Full Service Interior Design

Design is not a one size fits all exercise to be replicated across low income communities. Our interior design services begin with a deep exploration into the neighborhood to create award winning designs.

Interior Design
Design Development Project
FF&E Specification
Surface Materials Selections
Window Treatment Selections
Paint and Wall Coverings Selection
Schematic Design
Space Planning
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designequity™ Partnership

Bring key essentials (like giving a fuck) of our signature Full Service Interior Design to a consolidated timeline. During the 45 day sprint, a designequity™ Determinator will craft a consolidated Design Concept for your active project. This service is tailored for renovation projects for newly acquired assets.

Consolidated Concept Development
Access to Procurement Services
Working Charette
Finish and Fixture Matrix
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designequity™ Advisory

Easy access to designequity™ expertise for developers on a limited budget. Collaborate with a Determinator of designequity™ to represent the developer and community throughout the build process.

Dedicated Determinator of designequity™
Review and feedback of furniture layouts
Review and feedback on delivery of the architect interior
Rollout Plan guidance to gain community buy-in
Color Story guidance
Access to Procurement Services
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designequity™ Workshops

Get the whole team on board with tools that add a designequity™ lens to your design process. Bring our proprietary approach to empathetic design and radical hospitality to your team of architects and designers.

Prep your team with the skills to design for the tomorrow you hope to build.
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Environment Graphic Design

Make projects not just beautiful on the inside. Draw the community and stakeholders into the space with a striking visual brand. It’s an integrated approach that is often overlooked.

Both new and existing developments can communicate the neighborhood's stories and histories in every element– from signage, to murals, social media presence, and beyond.

Concept Development
Color Story (Digital and Print)
Marketing Assets
Building Identity and Use Guidelines
Building Elements, Including Way Finding Signs and Custom Murals
Iconography and Logo
Branded Administrative Elements
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